Contact lenses are medical devices that can improve vision and/or alter the appearance of your eyes. At Riviera Vision, we know that sight-threatening complications can arise from improper fitting and handling of contact lenses. For that reason, we will fit you with some of the newest contact lenses available that provide you with many hours of comfortable wear as well as excellent breathability to ensure that your eyes get the most oxygen that they can get throughout day.

If you are looking for a solution for your near vision issues and do not want to carry a pair of reading glasses, we have other options. Contact lenses can be fit as monovision, with one eye having distance correction and the other for near. Another option is to use multifocal contact lenses designed so that you may use both eyes together for both distance and near. Rarely, we may even fit a combination of both if that provides the most comfortable vision for the desired distances. These fitting options may require a little more tweaking than a simple distance-only correction, but we typically eventually find an appropriate fit.

Color contact lenses are also available. Some contact lens manufacturers are now making daily color contact lenses as well as color contacts with great breathability to allow oxygen to your eyes. Since your eyes are our top priority, we will fit you with the best color contact lenses available from reputable contact lens manufacturers. We want you to be aware that many color contact lenses sold online are sold illegally. Since contact lenses are medical devices that carry the increased risk of infection, you should never purchase contact lenses that do not require a prescription.

At Riviera Vision, we can also fit some rigid gas permeable (RGP), or hard contact lenses. These contact lenses are made specifically for your individual eyes and may require several follow-ups. If you desire RGPs or they are necessary to provide you with the best corrected vision, speak with the doctor about your options.

In order to ensure the proper lens fit, we ask that you return for your follow-up exam. Without returning for your follow-up, you will not receive your contact lens prescription, regardless of what type of lens you wear. ​​

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (305) 998-9950.